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Chamisa dumped by ally

George Madzore
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A FORMER aide to MDC-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa, George Madzore, has joined hands with MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora and is now set to the break-away party in the coming Kwekwe Central constituency by-elections.

Madzore recently defected from Chamisa’s MDC Alliance to join swor rivals, MDC-T.

So fierce is the battle to control Kwekwe in the MDC foromations that the name MDC Alliance is currently being used by both MDC-T and MDC-Alliance in the pending by elections.

“I followed the Supreme Court judgement,” Madzore said of his decision to ditch Chamisa.

He added that there was no fight for the name alliance with his rival Judith Tobaiwa who is also using the alliance name.

“There is no fight for the name. The Alliance agreement is for 5 years from 2017 and it clearly states that’ the president for MDCT is automatically the presidential candidate for Alliance,” Madzore said.

Tobaiwa who is representing the MDC Alliance said this is a bare knuckle fight from her political rivals.

“This move is aimed at confusing the electorate we are not going to allow that. Considering that is the name we are using. On whether we will use the name or not in the elections we will cross the river when we get there,” she said.

MDC Alliance Midlands Provincial spokesperson Takavafira Zhou said the move by Mwonzora’s group is a non event.

“This confusion is peddled by our former MDC-T colleagues but its a storm in the teaspoon. For the record you should be aware these are the same people who recalled MDCA Mps claiming they had joined another political party MDCA which  they claimed was different from MDC-T. It is clear they are trying to cause confusion and gain capital from our supporters’ votes. We said it before that a political party  is more to do with grassroots support. We will respond appropriately at the nomination court and we have a number of options at our disposal,” said Zhou.

He added that the Chamisa group was going to maintain its identity.

“We will maintain our MDC brand but may be forced to put another addendum for election purposes although we remain as the legitimate MDC. Our supporters will simply look for a picture of our candidate Judith Tobaiwa and clear any confusion Mwonzora is trying to bring. We are aware he has other antics in his attempt to use MDCA name but anyangira yakaona kare (he has been unmasked).”

“Mwonzora is trying to force the legitimate MDC Alliance to abandon the name so that he  can rush to the captured courts and claim that the Legitimate MDCA took money belonging to him when the party received money allocated under political party finance act. The people’s courts will always absolve the MDCA and his games have limited longevity and relevance in the fast moving world of the 21st century. Mwonzora must be reminded that he cannot grow his party through courts and chicanery and would be useless and irrelevant soon,” Zhou said.

Meanwhile, four Zanu-PF members have since submitted their names to represent the party in the pending by elections.

The four are former deputy mayor John Mapurazi, Energy Ncube, cleric and gold magnate Kandross Mugabe and Gladys Chimudzeka.

Source – newzimbabwe