‘Zanu-PF is debris, embrace Chamisa’ advised Moyo – two faced buzzard, celebrated MDC GNU blunders

Former Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo

When Mai Mujuru was booted out of Zanu-PF in 2014 within months she was criticizing Zanu-PF and her former mentor, Robert Mugabe, for mismanagement, corruption, vote rigging, murderous oppression, etc., etc. She had played her part in establishing and retain the Zanu-PF dictatorship, she had her lion’s share of the spoils of power and for 34 years she had defended the dictatorship unreservedly and with no shame.

It was only after she was booted out of the party that she saw the evil of the dictatorship; her Dotito “puppy eyes opened”, as Mai Mujuru said herself.

It is interesting to hear what Professor Jonathan Moyo has to say about Zanu-PF and his former colleagues now that he, like Mai Mujuru has been booted out of the party.

“While some may see ZanuPF as a political party, it has never been one. I did not have this view before 2000, but since then I have come to understand that ZanuPF is a system or culture steeped in the military; with a tainted history, a troubled present, with no future! The fact that ZanuPF is not, and I would say has never been, a political party, in the traditional sense of the term, has far reaching implications on why it must go,” said the Professor from his fox-hole in exile.

“When I reexamined the subtitle, “why Zanu-PF must go”, on the back of the view of Zanu-PF as a system & culture, it became clear that it should be: “why Zanu-PF has gone”. The Zanu-PF system or culture has disintegrated physically & hegemonically. What remains is its caricature!

“The crisis in Zimbabwe today is from the fact that, while ZanuPF has physically & hegemonically collapsed, the military which was embedded in ZanuPF since the 1975 Mgagao Declaration, staged a coup in 2017 to seize Zanu-PF; thinking it was a going concern when it was debris!”

Zimbabwe’s economic mess and political paralysis started soon after independence when it became clear that Mugabe and his Zanu-PF cronies were determined to impose a one-party state and they did not care two hoots about riding roughshod over the people’s freedom and rights including the promised “One man! One vote!” and even the right to life!

Robert Mugabe definitely viewed Zimbabwe as his trophy to do with as he pleased. And throughout his 37 years in power, that is exactly what he did.

“So, Blair, keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe.” Mugabe told his audience at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg in September 2002. And judging from how he had rob the nation blind, building his palatial Blue Roof mansion, amass farms and living a lavish lifestyle whilst millions of ordinary Zimbabweans lived in abject poverty, he clearly meant it literally as well as metaphorically!

The fact that Zanu-PF had no guiding principles, values and coherent ideology, other than to seize and retain absolute power at all cost and loot, does not disqualify the entity calling themselves a political party.

Professor Moyo’s claim that the November 2017 military has, somehow, made Zanu-PF worse must be dismissed with the contempt it rightly deserves. The replacement of Mugabe, Moyo and a few other G40 leaders by Mnangagwa and his Lactose supporters was no more than a black mamba shedding its old skin – it is still a deadly snake.

It is also important to note that it was none other than Professor Jonathan Moyo who sat next to Patrick Chinamasa as he announced Zanu-PF had never ever blocked any reform proposals. The fact that not even one reform had been implemented in the five years of the 2008 to 2013 GNU was not Zanu-PF’s fault. Of course, Chinamasa, said that with great pride for it was one of Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF’s finest hour!

The two and half years in exile have not transformed Professor Moyo from the ruthless Zanu-PF’s chief propagandist and strategist who had kept Zanu-PF in power from 2000 to 2017 into a human being who now sympathised with the tragic suffering ordinary people and wanted Zanu-PF to go. Not at all! Like our Dotito puppy, Moyo wants Zanu-PF to go so he can returned to Zimbabwe and resume his political shenanigans and intrigue from where he left off.

“ZanuPF is no longer viable to exZanla commanders; is not an option for exZipra now in charge of ZDF & was rejected by voters in the 2018 polls! What is to be done? The people & the military must find each other. The people embraced the military in Nov 2017. Now the military should make amends & embrace the people by respecting their 2018 vote for @nelsonchamisa. It’s the people who must govern, not the military!” argued Professor Moyo.

For the record, Professor Jonathan Moyo backed, morally and financially, Nelson Chamisa in the July 2018 elections. Of course, Moyo KNEW with no reforms Zanu-PF will rig the July 2018 elections guaranteed and still he DID NOT advise Chamisa not to participate.

One can only assume that Professor Moyo must have believed Chamisa could still win rigged elections. If Chamisa had indeed won the rigged elections he would have wanted a cunning and ruthless advisor to show him how to take full advantage of Zimbabwe’s oppressive and dysfunctional political system. And guess who would fill that bill perfectly – Professor Jonathan Moyo.

No doubt Professor Moyo is aware that Mnangagwa and his regime and under ever increasing pressure to step down as the country’s economic meltdown gets worse. The corona virus has economic and humanitarian havoc the world over; the Zimbabwe economy was already in the gutter before the pandemic it is now sinking in the sewage without a strangle.

As long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state ruled by corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous thugs; no one is going to help us. The pressure on Zanu-PF to step down will increase as the country sinks deeper and deeper into economic abyss. Professor Moyo will fight hard to make sure “@nelsonchamisa” is the frontrunner to takeover should Zanu-PF step down.

I believe Zanu-PF will, in the end step down because the economic meltdown is politically and socially unsustainable. If MDC and/or Zanu-PF play any part in the interim administration then it is almost certain that the democratic reforms to ensure free, fair and credible elections will not be implemented. The two parties failed to get any reforms implement during the 2008 to 2013 GNU it is naïve to think they will do any better especially with the likes of Professor Jonathan Moyo as the chief advisor!

Source – zimbabwelight.blogspot.com