Multi-million Makandiwa mansion raises eyebrows

A multi-million dollar mansion in Harare’s plush Glen Lorne suburb believed to belong to Prophet Emanuel Makandiwa has set tongues wagging reviving debate allegations that some church leaders are reaping off followers for financial gain.

Human Rights activist Pedzisayi Ruhanya posted on Twitter a picture of what he said was Makandiwa’s house under construction saying church leaders are swindling congregants through various offerings.

“I know you will call me the son of Lucifer, but these Papas of yours are reaping you off in the name of seeding to Papa while constructing multi-million properties. Makandiwa House in Harare’s Glen Lorne under construction,” said Ruhanya.

Just as he had anticipated attacks from Makandiwa faithfuls, Ruhanya was roasted by some followers for his post.

Charles Paidamoyo countered, “Would you love to share with us his personal businesses before you touch on the Ministry. I am sure the readers will benefit from that knowledge and if his investments cannot build him any house of his choice without a cent from the offerings?”

Another follower Durban Marukutira said, “Law of natural attraction. If Makandiwa is able to build such a beautiful house out of the proceeds from his flock, then it speaks volumes about his anointing and his flock is prospering under him, hence that house! Same would go to an Oldman who gave birth to Doctors.”

Source – Byo24News