Coalition candidates in financial conundrum over fresh elections

Nelson Chamisa

Political Analyst, Gift Msipa revealed that the elected members of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) find themselves divided over that party leader, Nelson Chamisa’s recent call for fresh elections.

According to Msipa, the candidates, who successfully self-financed their campaign trail, are worried that a new election might place them at a disadvantage due to limited financial resources.

“The unity that seemingly prevailed within the CCC even after the purging of that party’s old guards pre-23 August 2023 Harmonised General Elections, has recently been shaken by Chamisa’s call for fresh elections, citing concerns over alleged irregularities during the previous election.

“Chamisa’s move caught many coalition candidates off guard, as they had just completed a gruelling campaign trail that had depleted their personal savings,” said Msipa

Furthermore, Msipa reveals of a secret meeting where the issue of a parliamentary boycott was raised as a strategy to annul the Zanu PF victory and enforce a fresh election.

“In a meeting called to address the issue of fresh elections, CCC members expressed their concerns that were primarily centred on the financial strain that another election campaign would impose. Without significant financial backing, they fear it would be challenging to compete against the well-funded Zanu PF party,” he said.

One member of the CCC party from a remote constituency in Matebeleland North bemoaned Chamisa’s desire to re-contest at a time when they are still celebrating their success as an opportunity to participate in the development of this country through their input in parliament.

“We put our heart, soul, and life savings into this campaign. We believed in our ability to bring about change within the current political system. However, financing another campaign would be near-impossible for most of us,” said the CCC member who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation.

According to Msipa, these sentiments were also shared by other coalition candidates who had already sacrificed their time, energy, and personal resources to engage with voters across the country.

“They said they would not give up their seats just to stroke Chamisa’s ego, when they had stretched their finances to the limit to get to where they are now. They claim to have employed creative fund raising strategies to reach as many people as possible within their constituencies, even if it meant living frugally and relying on small campaign contributions from supporters.

“Fingers are crossed in the CCC, as dusk approaches to a new dawn tomorrow and the swearing in ceremony is fast becoming a reality, the CCC party faces a critical decision, with some members arguing that postponing the call for fresh elections and focusing on rebuilding their financial reserves for 2028 Harmonised General Elections, is the most prudent approach. They believe that given more time, they can secure the necessary funds and continue their campaign on a stronger financial footing, while others worry that delaying the call for fresh elections might lead to disillusionment among their base, potentially diminishing their chances of electoral success in the future,” said Msipa.

Currently, the CCC party is torn between maintaining the integrity of their movement and pragmatically acknowledging the importance of securing the financial resources needed to compete on a larger scale. Ultimately, the coalition’s ability to navigate this financial dilemma will determine whether they can sustain their momentum or be forced to relinquish their dreams of reshaping Zimbabwe’s political landscape. For now, the candidates find themselves at a crossroads, grappling with the realities of politics and the financial challenges that lie ahead.

Source – Byo24News