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Chamisa says Zimbabwe’s troubles will be over in 400 days

Nelson Chamisa
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HARARE – Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has appealed to South Africans to bear with Zimbabweans just a little longer saying Zimbabwe’s problems will be over in less than 400 days.

In a tweet following the outcry by both Zimbabweans and South Africans over the way a Zimbabwean patient was humiliated by a South African politician who is also a medical doctor, Chamisa tweeted:

“Fellow Africans in South Africa, we note your frustrations and economic constraints. I kindly ask for your support to Zimbabweans in these trying times. Help us as we do our best to fix Zimbabwe for a prosperous future. In less than 400 days our fights will be a thing of the past.

“We need free and fair elections to permanently resolve our politics and the economy. Many are not in your country out of mischief but on account of poor leadership, bad governance and deadening poverty. Zimbabweans mean no harm to you. After all, we are decent and great neighbors.”

The latest debate about the plight of Zimbabweans in South Africa was sparked by remarks by Limpopo provincial Health Minister Phophi Ramathuba who told a Zimbabwean patient at Bela Bela Hospital that she was wasting South African resources. Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa must be looking after her.

Zimbabwe is holding its harmonised in less than a year.

Chamisa immediately got support for his tweet from South African opposition leader Mmusi Maimane who said: “The cause of the crisis in Zimbabwe is known, it is the repressive regime led by @edmnangagwa.  The role of the SADC region will be to ensure a free and fair election season, Election Day and count. South Africa and other SADC countries cannot afford to subsidize Zane anymore.”

However, Street Lingo🇿🇼 asked Chamisa: “What makes you think you will win the election without electoral reforms?”

Chamisa responded: “Citizens are clear and reassuring. I’m ready to serve!”

Shelton asked: “Do you expect a captured Zec to announce you winner? Do you expect the army/police to somehow become impartial?”

Chamisa replied: “Zimbabweans are one people who have one aspiration, even men and women in uniform and key state institutions; to see a great and prosperous country.”

When told that the challenge was ZEC because “vakazadza hama dzavo, Jasper, Mpofu, Mohad’s wife and daughter”, the Citizens Coalition for Change leader said: “ZEC is a national institution. It’s ours as citizens and must reflect that in demeanor and retain that much cherished integrity, dignity and sincerity to secure national confidence.”

But Chamisa had no answer for Tonderayi Machiridza who said: “You couldn’t defend the victory you claimed in 2018, why should people believe that if you do indeed win in 2023, that you will be able to defend your electoral victory?”