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New politicl party to contest in 2023 Zimbabwean national elections

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BULAWAYO – United Zimbabwe Alliance says it’s ready to usher in a new political dispensation in Zimbabwe. The new politcal kid on the block wants to contest in next year’s elections in the neighbouring country. United Zimbabwe Alliance President Elisabeth Valerio, is in the country to engage with Zimbabweans living in the diaspora.

Valerio says Zimbabwe is facing a number of crises and it is desperately in need of radical change.

“Zimbabwe is a beautiful country so I know there’s challenges we face. We are ready, particularily in the political arena. It’s necessary for us to stand up towards what is happening because the conditions are unbearable. Basic needs are not being met. We’ve got a number of citizens leaving and fleeing to other countries in search for better livelihoods”, says the party President.

The United Zimbabwe Alliance will contest next year’s elections and they are hoping to win the hearts of voters. Their leader is in South Africa to engage with Zimbabweans.

“We have been highly concerned which is why we prioritise this trip .It’s a continental issue. Look South Africans right now are feeling like they are not getting access, the governement of SA is carrying a large burden. It’s the responsibility of the Zimbabwean government to make sure to make citizens are not running away searching outside of the country”, says Valerio.

Nomination fees

The United Zimbabwe Alliance leader has also weighed in on new fees need to be paid for candidates in the elections.

“It is concerning because this erodes credibility. I believe ZEC got the mandate to ensure elections are free and fair for citizens to actively participate whether they want to serve as candidates in the next government. This election is going to segregate us, citizens won’t participate freely”, she adds.

The new kid on the bloc says it does have its own economic plan to turnaround Zimbabwe’s economy that has been in the doldrums for some time.

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