Medical doctor recounts horror marriage

Harare Magistrates Court

HARARE – Harare doctor Alexander Guni yesterday narrated how his wife conned him into a marital union and then stole from him.

Guni was testifying during the trial of his wife Christina Hamiton, 26, who is facing a series of fraud and theft charges committed during their five-month stay after their nuptials.

Hamiton is appearing before Harare magistrate Francis Mapfumo.

Among the things allegedly stolen from the husband was a safe containing $400 000, Guni’s educational and personal particulars and various amounts of cash she allegedly blew on the pretext of company expenses.

Guni gave graphic details of how Hamiton would deny him conjugal rights after marriage and how she had pressured him to pay lobola within six weeks of courting.

“I met the accused person in a food court and fell for her because she looked attractive on the day. We exchanged contacts and started seeing each other.

“Six weeks down the line, I was under immense pressure to marry and facilitated for her to meet with two of my sisters to assess what kind of person she was before I could marry her.

“When I went to pay lobola, the parents demanded full payment and said they would only release her on condition of a marriage certificate.”

Guni narrated how Hamiton frustrated their honeymoon night to the extent of booking one room which they shared with her siblings that she invited.

She allegedly disappeared in 2014 five months after the marriage and later returned recently with a child.

“I could count the number of times we had sex. I feel that she hated me but wanted what I had. We were supposed to fly to Honolulu for our honeymoon and booked at Meikles Hotel first. To my surprise, when we got there, her sisters were there and slept in one place,” Guni said.

“When we finally got the chance to make love, she would scream whenever I tried to penetrate her and I thought that since she was still very young at the time, maybe I should give her some space.

“I got to the extent of even buying sex toys to save our sex life but that did not make a difference.”

The court heard that Hamiton allegedly connived with wedding planner Hillary Indi to fleece him of $30 000.

After the wedding, Hamiton allegedly refused to move in with Guni and stayed at an apartment the doctor agreed to pay for.

That was when she allegedly stole the safe containing $400 000, fraudulently tried to obtain a spoliation order to claim rightful ownership of the doctor’s car and his educational qualifications.

“After realising that the safe was missing I engaged the police and it was recovered in a garage at one of her friend’s residence.

“She had not managed to open it and we had to hire a truck to move it from that place,” Guni said.

“During that same period, I received a call from her landlord who had discovered some of my particulars from her apartment and wanted help locating her since Hamiton was in rental arrears.

“Unfortunately, all my educational certificates were not recovered except birth certificates and I am only lucky that I am a registered practitioner in Zimbabwe otherwise my doors have been shut internationally.”

Source: Daily News

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