Man kills brother, plucks out heart, cuts off finger

William Ngara

A MURDER victim’s spirit testified to family members about its own heartless death and revealed that its body was killed by its brother who removed the heart and a finger and gave to an nyanga after the callous act.

The shocking incident happened last week during a church service in Manamike Village, Gokwe Midlands Province.

The spirit spoke through the murderous brother, William Ngara.

William has not led a peaceful life since 2002 after he allegedly killed his younger brother Andrew Ngara in Zambia and removed the heart and cut off his finger and gave it to an nyanga who had advised him to do so in order to be rich.

To get rid of the troubling spirit, William sought help at a church led by Prophet Takawira. During a church service the spirit spoke through him (William) saying he killed his younger brother (Andrew) in Zambia.

After coming out of the trance, William did not deny that he killed his brother.

Church members were left shocked while some trembled.  The prophet told William to apologise to his parents.

Prophet Takawira

The village head of Manamike Village accompanied William to his father Thomas Ngara to confess and ask for forgiveness.

A family spokesperson, Joseph Ngara told B-Metro that his brother William Ngara arrived home carrying a cock.

“During the meeting that was attended my father and other family members William confessed to the family that he killed our sibling Andrew Ngara in Zambia after he consulted an nyanga to gain wealth and have a lot of cattle. The nyanga told him to bring a heart and finger of a family member thereafter he will have a lot cattle,” he said.

Joseph added: “He asked for forgiveness. He then asked my father to fine him while vowing that he would pay to appease him. But the father said he had to bring the bones of the late from Zambia after that they can talk about appeasement.”

He said they reported the matter at Manoti police station.

“Police asked him (William) to explain what happened but he stammered and fell in trance-like state saying forgive me and started to roll on the ground.

“The police ordered us to return home. We would return after the enforced lockdown and hopefully we will get assistance so that we will travel to Zambia because we want closure to this matter,” he said.

William was not reachable on his mobile phone.

Chief Mkoka confirmed the case: “I received a report about William Ngara who is alleged to have killed his younger brother in Zambia and removed some parts. Kindly contact police, family members said this matter is being handled by police,” he said.

Chief Mkoka

Efforts to get a comment from Midlands police spokesperson Chief Inspector Joel Goko were fruitless as his mobile number was not reachable.


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