Creditor urinates on woman’s plate over $6,50


A Zvishavane woman was taught a life lesson when a man whom she owed $6,50 stripped and urinated into her plate for failing to pay his debt.

As if that was not enough embarrassment, Gamuchirai Jangani (29) meted instant justice on Babra Dhliwayo (24), leaving her nursing wounds.

Jangani lost his temper when the woman who had promised to pay his money failed to keep her word and he hatched a plan to embarrass her in front of her family.

After pulling a shocker, Jangani was arrested on public indecency assault and assault charges.

Appearing before magistrate Shepherd Mjanja, the man who works as a cashier at Chimedza Hair Salon pleaded guilty to the charges.

It is reported that Dhliwayo took a satchel from Jangani on credit and instead of paying Caesar’s dues she kept coming up with excuses and false promises.

On 8 March around 6pm, the man proceeded to the woman’s home where he found her seated with her family having their meal.

Upon asking for his money, the woman told him she did not have it. This didn’t go down well with Jangani who then “lost it” and removed his trousers before urinating in her plate of food.

When the woman was still trying to come to reality with what was happening, Jangani grabbed her by the neck and hit her with fists on the face and neck.

A medical report was produced in court which confirmed that the complainant sustained bruises on the right arm and a painful neck.

He was sentenced on his own plea of guilty, for count one of public indecency assault he was slapped with $90 or 30 days in prison and count  two for assault he was ordered to pay $100 fine or three months in prison. – B-Metro

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