Chin’ono applies for temporary passport release

Hopewell Chin'ono

HOPEWELL Chin’ono is seeking consent from the State to have his passport released to allow him to travel to South Africa upon invitation by the SABC to participate in a round table discussion to unpack the importance of the Black Wednesday.

Black Wednesday refers to October 19, 1977 when several black consciousness movements and newspapers were banned by apartheid South Africa.

Chin’ono is facing charges of incitement to commit public violence.

According to a letter written to the State and addressed to prosecutors Mr Whisper Mabhaudhi and Mrs Tendai Shonhai, Chin’ono indicated that he wants his passport to be temporarily released from today up to October 23.

He is expected to make a formal application tomorrow.

Today, Chin’ono appeared before Magistrate Mr Ngoni Nduna.

Ms Shonhai prosecuted.

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