Businessman Reports Obert Mpofu To Zacc For Demanding US$10 Million Bribe

Obert Mpofu

Businessman Lovemore Kurotwi has reported Minister of Home Affairs Obert Mpofu to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) accusing the minister of abuse of office and corruption.

Mpofu is alleged to have plundered diamonds belonging to Kurowti’s firms and demanded a US$10 million bribe from him when he was the Minister of Mines.

Kurotwi used to run Canadile Miners but was arrested for fraud although he was acquitted by the High Court.

Part of Kurotwi’s letter to ZACC reads:

We write to request that you investigate the current minister of Home Affairs, Obert Mpofu over known corruption which he has committed but which now seems to be swept under the carpet either for reasons of ignorance of the said corruption by the relevant authorities or reasons of impunity or both.

During the time my so-called fraud case was still subjudice (under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere), Mpofu further took advantage to the subjudice position and confiscated, 1,4 million carats of our diamonds which were in our vaults in Mutare, $10.6 million which was in the custody of the Minerals Marketing Cooperation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ).

There is reasonable suspicion that cash and stock of diamonds could have been converted to personal use and gain by Mpofu.

Kurotwi has also reported the matter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy, Temba Mliswa has also said that Mpofu is the main suspect in the disappearance of the alleged US$15 billion in diamonds. Mliswa has said that he will quit politics if Mpofu reveals the source of his incredible wealth.

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