Zambian government slams ‘burden’ women who drink too much

Woman posing with several beer glasses

Johannesburg – Zambia’s chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya has said Zambian women are becoming a burden to government because evidence has shown that 42 percent of them drink beer excessively.

Siliya said at her office on Thursday that a survey by the World Health Organisation (WHO) exposed Zambian women to be at the top of the list as the highest alcohol consumers in the world, the Zambian Observer reported.

The outspoken Siliya said women needed to understand that alcohol interfered with their ability to meet their responsibilities.

Because of this excessive abuse of alcohol, the Zambian cabinet has agreed to implement an anti-alcohol policy preventing drunks from getting further wasted.

The government spokeswoman did not elaborate on what the policy involved, nor did she comment on whether Zambian men also had drinking issues.

African News Agency/ANA

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