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Trevor Noah cringes over biased news reporting on Russia-Ukraine war

Trevor Noah. Picture: Instagram
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SA-born comedian Trevor Noah, who hosts the popular “The Daily Show”, recently called out TV journalists for their double standards when reporting on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In the video clip, Adil Ray and Catherine Connolly give their thoughts on the recent coverage of the war in Ukraine.

However, the manner in which they report the war is biased, and Noah isn’t having any of it.

Noah criticised the TV journalist for being stunned by the violence unfolding in a “relatively civilised” and “relatively European” country, as they put it.

They concluded that these are scenes one would normally see in a “developing Third World nation” or in Iran, Iraq or areas in North Africa.

Noah said: “I don’t know about you, but I have been glued to the TV all weekend watching all the news.

“And beyond the war itself, there’s a really interesting thing that I learnt and that is a lot of people on TV didn’t expect a war like this to happen in, let’s say, certain ’neighbourhoods’.”

He added: “Beyond the racism, like let’s forget the racism … oh, how I wish we could forget about the racism.

“You do realise that until very recently that fighting crazy wars was Europe’s thing.

”That’s all of European history, they even had something called the Hundred Years’ War … they got a Nobel Prize because they stopped fighting, imagine that.”

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Noah spoke of how shocked he was to see how many reporters think that this war is more of a tragedy when “white“ people have to flee their countries but don’t react the same when it is “black” people.

Source: IOL