Mukanya promises fireworks in SA

Thomas Mukanya Mapfumo

Chimurenga music guru Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo, who is set to perform at two shows in South Africa next weekend, has promised his legion of fans a show to remember.

The shows, which will be held over two weekends, are dubbed Bira Pahotera and will take place at Ekurhuleni Boksburg Hotel in Johannesburg. The hotel is owned by Zimbabwean businessman Rodger Muzawasi.

According to the spokesperson for the organisers Rangarirai Mahachi, the first gig is slated for next Saturday with the second one expected at the same venue seven days later.

Mukanya will headline the two shows that will feature South African musician Shivhara Mulaudzi, Zimbabwean acts Rimba Mbira, African Vibes and Darlington “Mhofela” Tanganyika.

The well-travelled Zimbabwean musician promised a big show and an outstanding performance.

“Hello music lovers in South Africa. My name is Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo, a Zimbabwean musician and world-acclaimed artiste. I appeal to all of you to come to Boksburg Hotel for two shows that will be held over two weekends,” Mukanya said in a video clip.

“I want to promise you shows of a lifetime. I still have the energy, so please come and enjoy traditional music.”

Mukanya has never disappointed on big stages and has drawn huge crowds whenever he performed across the Limpopo.

Mahachi said the idea of bringing together musicians like Mapfumo and Mulaudzi was to bring unity among Africans.

“Mukanya is a well-respected singer and so is Mulaudzi. We want to use their voices to unite Africans here in South Africa,” she said.

“They are both big names and have great influence, so we believe their performance would bring together people of different nationalities.

“We urge our brothers to come for the shows regardless of nationality, tribe, race or skin colour.”

Mukanya’s music resonates well with the African society and is likely to sing songs like Vanhu Vatema, Zimbabwe-Mozambique and Batanai Mose, among others. – The Standard