Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ‘in great mood’ during date night

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appeared very happy together during a recent date, according to a source.

The 51-year-old star and Ben, 48, stepped out for a dinner date at Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio on Friday night, and according to onlookers, they both appeared to be having a great time.

A source said: “They enjoyed Mediterranean food in one of the private dining rooms. Jen looked amazing. They were both in a great mood.

“Ben always looks very happy when he is with Jen.”

The high-profile duo were previously together between 2002 and 2004, and they’ve recently rekindled their romance.

The insider told People that Jennifer now “spends as much time with Ben as possible”.

Jennifer and Ben’s date took place shortly after a source revealed that the loved-up duo are “inseparable” at the moment.

The source said: “They are inseparable and it’s going really well, [Jennifer] has never been happier and knows it was meant to be.”

Meanwhile, Ben recently spent time bonding with Jennifer’s mother.

The Hollywood star and Guadalupe developed a good relationship when the celebrity duo first dated in the early 2000s, and she is “thrilled that they are back together now”.

A source said: “In the past, Jennifer’s mom and Ben were very close. Guadalupe loved Ben. She was sad when they couldn’t work things out years ago.

“She is thrilled that they are back together now.”

Ben and Guadalupe spent time together in Las Vegas, and Jennifer is delighted that they’re getting along so well.

The insider added: “Jennifer is very close with her mom. It’s very important to her that the person she is with, gets along with her mom.

“Jennifer loves that Ben and Guadalupe hung out in Las Vegas. They both love gambling and had fun together at the Wynn hotel.”

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