Over 200 Zimbabwe teachers expected to begin work in Rwanda

More than 200 Zimbabwean teachers are expected to arrive in Kigali this month to begin work in learning institutions across Rwanda, in part of efforts to bridge a tutors shortage in the country.

The educators successfully passed assessment tests as a prerequisite for employment in the East African country.

Charles Karakye, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education, said the teachers wold initially give out three-year contracts, “but subject to evaluation every year.”

The educators will be employed under four categories including basic education, basic technical and vocational education, training in polytechnics and other health agencies.

“The arrangement is mainly training of our staff, especially in learning institutions and medical institutions,” said Karakye.

“The goal is to continue in building the capacity of our formal sector workers.”

Zimbabwe’s Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Social Welfare, Simon Nsanga told journalists that the teachers may leave by October 17.

“We have given the successful candidates two weeks so that they have ample time to make their final preparations, before they leave, including bidding farewell to their families,” he said.

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