‘If you want war, we are ready for war’ Charamba warns teachers

George Charamba

Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba has warned teachers that if they continue associating with the American Embassy in Zimbabwe they will be treated as enemies and political opponents.

Charamba was commenting on tweet by US Ambassador to Zimbabwe who had said, “I met with Labor Minister Mavima today to encourage government and labor leaders to negotiate in good faith. Respect for workers’ rights will help create a more prosperous Zimbabwe.”

Said Charamba, “When you re-read this tweet from the US Ambassador barely a week ago after his meeting with Professor Mavima, and relate it to the blatantly political actions and communications of a certain segment of teachers’ unions, is the connection not obvious??? Kana vada hondo, tinoitambira. The US Ambassador can only mislead them, nothing more.”

He added that the communication methods that the teachers were using was creating enmity between the employer and the employees.

“This kind of communication which some so-called teachers’ unions are employing to reach the employer will only serve to alienate them from both their employer and profession.

Once it becomes clear we are dealing with a political movement, we will treat you like political rivals. And the consequences of that are everywhere for clever people to read!!!

Don’t spoil a good, credible case, or the cause of bona fide teachers who wish for a solution. Just a bit of advice. This govt employs teachers, not agitators.”

Source – Byo24

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