Zimbabwe will succeed despite sanctions – Mnangagwa

Emmerson Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has said Zimbabwe is destined to succeed and attain the objectives of Vision 2030 of an upper middle income society, despite the continued presence of sanctions imposed by the West.

He praised the European Union (EU) for toning down its sanctions regime against Zimbabwe, whose Second Republic has prioritised engagement and re-engagement to restore cordial relations with the rest of the world.

Mnangagwa said this on Friday in his address during the SADC sanctioned day for solidarity against sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“Today we do not mourn, but we renew our resolve to succeed as a nation, despite the odds against us,” he said. “Together, in love, peace, unity and harmony, Vision 2030 shall become a reality.

“My Government will continue to take measures to mitigate against the impact of these illegal sanctions.”

President Mnangagwa said so far, Government has maximised revenue collection and ensured efficient utilisation of scarce resources to boost critical areas, for example through programmes such as Command Agriculture, the introduction of a mono-currency regime to boost the country’s competitiveness and the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector.

Further, Government is deepening the fight against corruption, plugging revenue leakages, dealing with currency manipulation and artificially high prices caused by greedy cartels and businesses, creation and support of vibrant provincial economies and rural industry systems and resuscitation of the public transport sector, he said.

Government is also modernising and expanding the health delivery systems and the education sector with an increased focus on science, technology and innovation; and is also shielding vulnerable citizens through provision of social safety nets.

President Mnangagwa said under the Second Republic, Zimbabweans have taken conscious decisions to reform their political and economic systems for their benefit.

“We are opening up both our political and economic space,” he said. “Under my leadership, constitutionalism, democracy, rule of law, transparency, accountability and the inalienable human rights of all citizens, shall continue to be the hallmark of our great country.

“The engagement and re-engagement policy, as well as the peaceful co-existence with all nations of the world are now key pillars of our foreign policy. 

“The culture of dialogue, peaceful resolution of disputes and the acceptance of divergent views will continue to be inculcated among our people.” 

Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe stretched its arms to all countries for mutually beneficial partnerships that improve the lives of people

He paid tribute to the EU for accepting Government’s request for dialogue, even though the bloc maintains sanctions on a few citizens. 

“Allow me to acknowledge and commend the EU for taking some initial, positive steps towards responding to our offer for dialogue and friendship,” said President Mnangagwa.

“The EU has begun progressively removing the sanctions that it imposed on us, thereby allowing us to access some development assistance under the European Development Fund. Complementing these practical actions is an ongoing political dialogue to strengthen our bilateral cooperation.

“We call on the United States Government to immediately and unconditionally remove the sanctions they have imposed on us, for the sake of our children, living and unborn, our youth, women, the elderly; and our economy as a whole.” 

Mnangagwa said Zimbabweans deserved to grow, develop, modernise, industrialise and prosper without the albatross of sanctions. 

“The removal of these sanctions is just and indeed a fundamental human right for the people of Zimbabwe,” he said. “To the Ambassadors accredited to Zimbabwe, you live, work and walk among us, these sanctions affect you too and you have seen their far-reaching effects on our people.

“We invite you to stand with the ordinary people of Zimbabwe and report truthfully about the positive developments in our country. We urge you to carry our message of goodwill to your capitals and to pass on our call for them to respond to the new realities in our country, and review their policies that do not serve the purpose of progressive cooperation with Zimbabwe. A Zimbabwe free from sanctions, is a better and more valuable partner to you all.” 

Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe remained resolute and enduring in its commitment to dialogue, friendship and mutually beneficial partnerships. – Chronicle