Nations work to achieve independent economic growth

Recently, the Kazakh president sent a letter to the people on the theme of “Economic line of just Kazakhstan” at a joint conference of the parliament.

In the letter he said that in order to become a genuinely advanced country, it is necessary to combine political reform with profound and comprehensive socio-economic changes. It is important to work hard to make a powerful economic breakthrough in the present important period when humankind is entering an era of unprecedented challenges and dramatic changes and to resolutely switch to a new economic mode for substantially improving the living standards of the people, he noted. He then assigned the government detailed tasks to support the sectors of manufacturing, mining and munitions industries, agriculture, energy, transport and supply of goods, finance, IT and digitization, water resources, creation industries and small- and medium-scale enterprises.

The Zimbabwean government has set new agricultural development goals.

Attending the opening ceremony of the 113th agricultural exhibition on September 1, the Zimbabwean president said that as the agricultural production scale expansion targets till 2025 defined by the government had already been exceeded in 2022, he set a new goal of increasing the scale to 13.75 billion US dollars by 2025. He affirmed that the government would introduce irrigation systems into 3.5 million hectares of farmland by 2025, expand the country’s own fertilizer production capacity and modernize the agricultural management to attain new goals without fail.

In 2022, Zimbabwe introduced irrigation systems into 2.04 million hectares of farmland, modernized animal husbandry and fruit farming and reaped a rich harvest of wheat and corn.

The Angolan president reaffirmed his stand to improve the business environment of the state at a meeting of the economic council of the Cabinet held on September 2.

He hoped that small- and medium-scale agricultural enterprises in the countryside would increase their output, calling on all people engaged in the grain and livestock production businesses, including rice, soya beans and maize, to strive to attain the goal of self-sufficiency in food. He referred to the need for the government to build a fund-raising system for the development of food and livestock production and fishing industry and develop the economy in a many-sided way and increase commodity production in order to diversify the sources of foreign currency income.

Meanwhile, the Angolan minister of Minerals, Petroleum and Gas said at a seminar on agricultural development that the government would expand the exploration of gas for fertilizer production to reduce the import of fertilizer and ensure self-sufficiency in fertilizer. It would expand the gas production to provide raw materials needed for ammonia and urea production as well as energy production, he added.

On August 12, the Mauritanian government announced the successes it achieved in the last eight months of the “2023-2024 agricultural development movement”. According to it, the government newly reclaimed 523 hectares of vegetable fields to encourage vegetable cultivation, which takes an important share of the agricultural development movement, and rendered positive support to farmers, namely more than 1 000 tons of grain and vegetable seeds and a large amount of farming materials, including 550 tons of potato seeds and 300 tons of fertilizer.

Late in July, the executive vice-chairman of the national science and technical engineering infrastructure management bureau of Nigeria met the director general of the Geological Survey Bureau and announced a domestic production plan for the final treatment process of major useful minerals of the country.

Reportedly, the country has rich deposits of lithium, titanium, low-grade cobalt, nickel, tungsten, copper, phosphate ore, kaolin and other strategically important useful minerals.

Developing countries are making sustained efforts to promote economic development by their own efforts.

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