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Tanganda re-listing a show of confidence

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The re-listing on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange of Tanganda Tea Company is testimony that there are practical and tangible benefits of listing on a stock exchange, Zimbabwe Stock Exchange board chairperson Caroline Sandura has said.

Sandura’s comments dovetail with the Tanganda Tea Company’s reasons for listing, which include making it attractive to investors and being able to pursue business ventures within the value-added diversified agricultural sector in the country.

Tanganda also believes listing on the ZSE will enable it, in the future, to raise funding with conditions suitable for the type of business it is in.

Speaking at the launch ceremony for the listing of Tanganda, Sandura said listing gives companies an enhanced corporate status and a more liquid market for shareholders.

Tanganda re-listed on the ZSE yesterday by way of introduction marking its return to a platform it left in 2008 following its merger with Kingdom Bank and Meikles Limited.

In the last six years, the company invested US$30 million in improvements of infrastructure targeted for new business developments such as coffee, macadamia, and avocado, according to chief executive officer Timothy Fennel.

“Our main objectives are to grow the tea packing business, that is the retail side of our tea and we believe that is where we want to be and more than in the bulk tea sales. We need to value add to our macadamia business where we literally take the nuts to the end-user and not sell to interim people.

“We will continue with developing and expanding our macadamia, avocado and coffee projects and we wish to turn our livestock division into a company in its own right,” Fennel told invited guests at the launch ceremony.

Guest of honour at the launch ceremony, Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube said new listings signify positive real development in the productive sectors of the economy.

While acknowledging that Tanganda is not necessarily a new listing, Minister Ncube said new listings are a testament to the positive economic policies introduced by the Second Republic as it drives towards upper-middle-income status by the year 2030.

He said the successful implementation of the NDSI is premised on a number of factors including higher productivity in the agriculture sector of which Tanganda is part.

“The Second Republic is clear that a private-sector economic growth is ideal and such our policies will continue to strive towards that. In terms of NDS1, the agriculture sector is fundamental to the projected economic growth, improving security, land tenure, and supporting smart agriculture strategies.

“NDS1 is facilitating access to affordable agriculture financing through various strategies, and this includes the establishment of the land bank, sponsoring of the use of public, private partnerships as well as reviewing contract farming and agriculture marketing frameworks to cover all stocks and livestock,” Minister Ncube

Tanganda opened the first day of trading at $75 and closed at $67,06 with 1,011,600 shares worth $67,838,020 changing hands. – Business Weekly