Carl Can Kanga book drops next week

Following up on his 2014 book, ‘40 Days That Changed Me’, comedian Carl Joshua Ncube will release his second e-book titled, ‘Carl Can Kanga’.

“So I decided to use my current knowledge of cooking which has a very western bias but to now start thinking of adding some familiar Zimbabwean ingredients like adding mazoe to cocktails or using wild basil in a pasta dish or baking cheesy sadza for example,” said Carl explaining what the book is all about.

The book set for release on July 15 was previewed this past weekend at the Machikichori Food Festival.

“We previewed the book so that people can have a taste of what to expect. We were also filming everything as part of a television series and also web show. However, we are yet to get a broadcast deal,” added Carl.

The comedian also revealed that travelling exposed him to different cooking methods which he showcases in the book.

“My experiences of #CarlsTRAVELvlog do feature as I use my travels to open my mind to various tastes, techniques and textures. I find travel makes me open minded about how ingredients are used,” he explained.