We Don’t Have A Cash Crisis In Zimbabwe: Chamisa

Addressing MDC-T supporters in Gen Norah today at his  first in a series of town hall meetings, MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa said there is no cash crisis in Zimbabwe.

He said that the current cash shortages are a result of a leadership crisis in the country.

He said people need to have confidence that once they deposit their money they will be able to withdraw it. Said Chamisa:

We don’t have a cash crisis in this country. We have a leadership crisis. We have a trust crisis. We have a confidence crisis. Once people have confidence that banking money is not the same as asking a snake to look after their eggs or a cat to take care of their mice people will start banking their cash.

But we have to first address that issue so that people deposit their money because if the country’s silo is full of rats no one will store their groundnuts there. So people will say we will keep our groundnuts in our pillows and homes because there is a rat in the silo.

The problem that we have when we are elected into power is to restore the people’s confidence in the banking sector. The first will be to ensure the Reserve Bank is a reserve bank and the second will be to revert back to the multi-currency system and get rid of the bond note.