Zimbabwean War Veterans blast Britain for intrusion

Victor Matemadanda

WESTERN nations such as Britain should snap out from daydreaming that Zimbabwe is still their colony that they can control, Zanu-PF national Political Commissar Victor Matemadanda has said.

This comes as the British House of Lords, in a condescending manner and typical colonial hangover style, on Tuesday spent time debating Zimbabwe, with members concocting lies and falsehoods of a relationship between President Mnangagwa and Henrietta Rushwaya who was arrested for attempting to smuggle six kilogrammes of gold early this week.

During the debate, the British also revealed yet another plot to lean on African countries and the world at large to isolate Zimbabwe, alleging fictitious human rights abuses and brazenly ignoring strides made by the Second Republic in entrenching the rule of law and constitutionalism and also arresting corrupt Government officials.

Speaking at a press conference in Harare yesterday, Matemadanda said the country’s former colonisers are riled by the Second Republic success in re-engagement as demonstrated by the successful Anti-Sanctions Day commemorated by SADC countries on October 25.

He said that President Mnangagwa’s relentless determination to fight corruption might be the greatest scare to some people with British connections who are hiding behind a thin political veil.

“The anti-corruption crusade is here to stay. Economic reconstruction trajectory will remain a signature to President Mnangagwa’s leadership in the Second Republic,” said Matemadanda.

He added, “A price and sacrifice of blood and lives were paid. Political opportunists can dream on. Zimbabweans know their history and their enemies. The legacy of both the First and Second Chimurenga will live forever.”

Matemadanda called upon MDC-A leadership to apologise to the majority of Zimbabweans for inviting sanctions which are hurting the country’s economy.

“Fellow Zimbabweans who go shopping for sanctions must repent and awaken to the emerging reality that Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and must truly thrive to do good to polite Zimbabweans.

“We have always asserted that these Western states seek to inflict poverty and anguish to Zimbabweans to effect regime change, while championing self-hate propaganda to fellow Zimbabweans,” he said.

Since coming to power, President Mnangagwa has opened doors for engagement and re-engagements with all world nations and has been lauded for adopting political reforms that have ushered broader liberties, he has also walked the talk on fighting corruption firing, in the space of three years, two Cabinet ministers implicated in graft. However, Western nations, that apparently, will never forgive Zimbabwe for the land reform programme are seemingly blind to the reforms, as they are misled by opposition forces in the country and regime change enablers of unsubstantiated allegations of human-rights abuses and a failure to act on corruption.

Source – the herald

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