Zimbabwe Must Not Tolerate Military Coups Again: Mutinhiri

The disputed leader of the opposition National Patriotic Front, Ambrose Mutinhiri has vowed to return Zimbabwe to a democracy in the July 30 harmonised elections.

He also stressed that in future military coups should never be allowed to happen again. Mutinhiri was referring to the November 2017 military action which ultimately resulted in the fall of former president Robert Mugabe. Speaking at a consultative meeting of the NPF, Mutinhiri said,

Zanu PF had its values. It successfully led the Chimurenga war. It pained me to leave that party. I left after some of the comrades did the unbelievable thing (coup). Not even once did I ever dream about the events of 15 November 2017.

If you are military personnel riding a tanker (and) holding a gun, that tanker is not yours and even the gun does not belong to you. The masses are saying protect us.

They are giving you their trust. When you then point the gun at those people who have their trust in you; that is unacceptable. This is what led to some of us leaving Zanu PF.

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