Zanu PF candidate goes for broke, brings free doctors into constituency

Dr John Mangwiro

CHIKOMBA – The successful Zanu PF candidate for Chikomba West who is also the president of the International Diabetes Federation for Africa Region, Dr John Mangwiro recently brought into the constituency three doctors to test and educate villagers on diabetes.
More than 300 people attended a campaign which was held at Madamombe Business Centre. Dr Mangwiro said he had facilitated such missions both in and outside the constituency before he became the candidate for the party.
“I am a philanthropist by nature and I have been doing various projects which benefit the community. Availing medical assistance is not politically-driven. Most people in the rural areas are underprivileged and do not afford hospital fees for routine check- ups hence such arrangements are there to help,” said Dr Mangwiro.
Chikomba District chairman for the Zimbabwe Diabetes Association Jeremiah Matenhese said there is need for constant follow-ups on those who tested positive to ensure that they are following the doctors’ recommendations.
“A lot of people are suffering from diabetes because they do not know what really causes the chronic disease. Also, a lot of people are unaware that they have diabetes, especially during its early stages. Poor eating habits contribute greatly to the chances of getting the disease, hence the need to educate the public on the type of food they should consume or avoid,” said Matenhese. – Masvingo Mirror

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