‘We won’t allow anyone to tell us Mugabe, 93, is old,’ says minister

President Robert Mugabe

Marondera – A Zimbabwean minister has reportedly said that the ruling Zanu-PF party would never allow anyone, including the country’s ex-freedom fighters to mock President Robert Mugabe over his advanced age.

According to New Zimbabwe.com, Mashonaland east resident minister Ambrose Mutinhiri said that Mugabe, 93, was still fit to rule the southern African country.

“Some people are saying the president is too old, but what he is doing for the country is enough evidence that he is still capable to lead. Anyway, we will not allow anyone to tell us that our President is old…,” Mutinhiri was quoted as saying.

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since its independence in 1980. Reports indicated that he had over the years presided over a regime that was accused of gross human rights abuses and election fraud.

Mutinhiri said that Zanu-PF would accept “making mistakes” but would never allow anyone to tell them that Mugabe was “too old to rule”.

“There is no doubt that Zanu-PF has made mistakes before, but the mistakes are less, as compared to the good things that the party has done…,” he said.

Mutinhiri’s remarks came amid reports that preparations were under way for a Zanu-PF extra-ordinary conference in December.

During the conference, the fractured ruling party would be expected to rubber stamp it’s nomination of the soon to be 94 years nonagenarian as its “sole” candidate in the forthcoming elections.

Zimbabwe was expected to hold presidential elections in 2018. – News24

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