University Of Zimbabwe Students Go on Strike, Refuse To Write Exams Until Mugabe Steps Down

HARARE – Students at one of the country’s biggest universities, the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) have gone on strike. The students are demonstrating and protesting against President Robert Mugabe.

They are saying that they will not write their exams until Mugabe steps down.

The students are also demanding that the University should recall the degree which was awarded to President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace in 2014. Grace Mugabe graduated with a PhD from the University of Zimbabwe’s Faculty of Social Studies Department of Sociology.

However, the degree attracted intense criticism and speculation after claims that Grace did not write a thesis and that she did not take the required period of time to complete it.

The University has since cancelled the exams after the students demanded to be addressed by Vice Chancellor Levi Nyagura.

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