‘Under performing ambassadors to be recalled’

Government says it expects nothing short of hard work from the country’s ambassadors after addressing welfare issues that had been neglected for years by the old dispensation.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Retired Lieutenant General Dr Sibusiso Moyo appearing before Parliament today confirmed that the new dispensation is seized with improving the welfare of the country’s representatives on foreign missions but did not mince his words on government expectations.

“Our ambassadors have been operating under difficult conditions and we have moved in to save the situation by acquiring the things they need and these include vehicles and furniture, among others. Plans are also afoot for us to acquire real estate for them,” he said.

“I would however want to emphasise that while the government does its bit, it expects the ambassadors to work harder than before and has set targets for them and there is a possibility of recalling those failing to perform to expectations,” Minister Moyo added.

The pronouncements by the Minister come as the country’s re-engagement drive continues,  with Zimbabwe set to opening foreign missions in strategic nations like Rwanda, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.