‘General Sibusiso Moyo must be investigated’ – Jonathan Moyo

Prof. Jonathan Moyo

THE embattled self-exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo has suggested that there might be an investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission on Foreign Affairs Minister General Sibusiso Busi Moyo over a corruption emanating from 2017.

Ironically General Moyo’s wife Lois Justice Matanda-Moyo leads the Commission.

Said Prof Moyo, “There’s a reason why Minister Sibusiso Moyo is silent. He and his wife know only too well that there’s a 2017 docket on corruption allegations against him involving his alleged receipt of the proceeds of crime that were deposited in an account he holds at a major local bank in Zimbabwe.”

A ZANU PF apologist Never Maswerasei said Justice Moyo will recuse herself where there are cases to deal with her husband.

“Where Minister Moyo may be involved, the ZACC Chairperson Matanda-Moyo will simply recuse herself from the matter and allow the deputy to preside over it – just as they do at the courts. It is that simple.”

Matanda Moyo recently told journalists that he Commission will leave no stone unturned in investigating crimes relating to corruption and abuse of office.

General Moyo is on record saying he will not be arm-twisted to divorce his wife simply because she has been appointed to lead the country’s anti-graft commission.

“She is independent. She has been a judge before and she has held decisions in her own right as a professional when I am in the Executive. That has not even affected her way of dealings, and there is no ways I can divorce her.” Moyo told British media.

Source – Byo24