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Thandiwe Newton Sparks Furore Over “Our Ex-Colony” Remarks On Zimbabwe

Thandiwe Newton
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British-Zimbabwean actress Melanie Thandiwe Newton has sparked a furore over her remarks about Zimbabwe.  Newton courted the ire of many Zimbabweans when she referred to the country as “our ex-colony.”

The colonial reference has been roundly condemned on social media as being disrespectful, condescending and imperialistic.

Thandiwe Newton is a staunch advocate for Zimbabwe and does not hide her love for the Southern African country. She often speaks out against human rights abuses. Ironically, she made the “our ex-colony” remarks while speaking up for a documentary film about Zimbabwe’s 2018 presidential elections.

The actress was upset that “The President” documentary film was not selected for the BFI London Film Festival 2021 and questioned the selection process. She later apologised to the organisers for what she had said and, in the process, made the faux pass remarks about Zimbabwe.

Writing on social media platform Twitter, Newton said,

@BFI I apologise for my comments (in) @Variety

challenging your integrity in not accepting #President #LFF2021. As a British Zimbabwean, I’m devastated by the human rights abuses being suffered in our ex-colony. My upset was personal, and I was wrong to accuse. Thandiwe #LoveZimbabwe.

Thandiwe Newton Sparks Furore Over “Our Ex-Colony” Remarks About Zimbabwe
[Image: Thandiwe Newton via Instagram]

Unsurprisingly, the remarks did not sit well with many Zimbabweans due to the legacy of colonialism. Some social media users accused Newton of having a colonial mentality. Others said the remarks were condescending and disrespectful, especially since Zimbabwe has been independent since 1980. They accused Thandiwe of having an agenda towards the country.

However, others were more charitable and attributed the ‘our ex-colony remarks’ to poor word selection rather than malice. They called on the actress to be mindful of her words, especially when commenting on sensitive topics like colonialism.

Below are some of the responses from social media to Thandiwe Newton’s remarks about Zimbabwe being ‘our ex-colony.’