‘She tells me to go and get her dead child from the graveyard’

A LIFE-TIME relationship is on the rocks with a city woman accusing her mother of witchcraft.

Evelynn Ruzvidzo yesterday applied for a protection order against her daughter, Memory Ruzvidzo, who is accusing her of witchcraft.

Magistrate Tamara Chibindi granted the protection order.

Evelynn told the court that their problems started when she helped her daughter give birth.

“She is my daughter. I helped her give birth and the child died. 

“Ever since, she has been accusing me of killing her child.

“She tells me to go to the graveyard and bring back her child simply because I asked for my money back.

“My daughter has been spreading lies saying I am a witch,” she said.

In her response, Memory denied the accusations.

“I have never insulted her, she is lying. “I only had a problem with my sister, not her,” she said. – H-Metro

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