Mnangagwa in bitter fallout with Advisory team over confidential information leaks

George Charamba

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has reportedly told members of the Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) to resign from their posts as advisers if they are unable to keep secrets.

His remarks come after reports suggesting that some PAC members leaked internal and confidential information to the Daily News on the discussions taking place in PAC.

Mr George Charamba who is the spokesperson of President Mnangagwa confirmed the development saying that the president was not happy with his advisers. He said:

I told you before that these are whisperers behind the throne (the role of advisors), not wailers on rooftops. They were told to behave like advi- sors of the president, not advisors of the public. They have to make a choice.

They were indeed told to comply or resign if they cannot be compliant. But we haven’t come to that because this could be just excitement that had gripped some of them. I don’t think this is shared by everyone in PAC.

President Mnangagwa and his team are under immense pressure to retrieve the country from the prevailing economic woes.

Former Adviser to Mnangagwa, Petina Gappah claimed that transformation in Zimbabwe was being choked by incompetence, bureaucracy, lack of sufficient change agents and fear to change.

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