Maziwisa stand triggers land probe calls

Psychology Maziwisa

HARARE – Residents groups have called for investigations into land allocations by Harare City Council (HCC) following Highfield legislator Psychology Maziwisa’s request to re-site water pipes that were encroaching into his residential stand.

According to a July 21 letter, HCC’s acting district officer for Highfield wrote to the director of works that Stand number 10607 in Highfield had been allocated to Maziwisa.

In the communication, the unnamed officer requested to have a relocation of the sewer and water pipes.

“The…MP has indicated that there are sewer lines that are criss-crossing in his stand which he says will impede building his residential house,” the letter said.

But the unusual request raised eyebrows, with the Combined Harare Residents Association (Chra) chairperson Simbarashe Moyo demanding that HCC investigates the illegal land allocations that are going unchecked in the capital.

Moyo added that it was shocking that a whole MP would benefit from illegal activities and go on to demand drastic and costly changes that affect the well-being of thousands of residents.

“We have also learnt that a community borehole near the area where . . . Maziwisa was allocated his housing stand will be removed to allow the Member of Parliament to build his house. We have been reiterating that corruption and abuse of power is largely responsible for land invasions and illegal land allocations in Harare hence our call for the responsible authorities to ensure sanity prevails in the capital city,” Moyo said.

Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni told the Daily News that management was looking into the matter.

However, council employees say if Maziwisa’s request goes through, there will be major alterations of other developments nearby.

“Everything would have to be re-designed because of what he wants and that is not only costly but also time consuming considering the services to be provided are urgent,” said one employee who preferred anonymity.

Contacted for comment, Maziwisa refused to answer saying he was in meetings all day.

He did not respond to texted questions.

Barely a month ago, council municipal police were deployed to Monavale Vlei after shacks had been erected by a group of invaders who had refused to vacate the international environmental site claiming to have “authority from above”. – Daily News