Lions terrorise Chibuwe villagers

VILLAGERS in the Chibuwe area of Chipinge District are living in perpetual fear as lions wreak havoc, preying on both people and livestock.

The predators last Saturday killed an ox and several goats in the area.

Chipinge Rural District Council representative for Ward 20, Councillor Charles Mugidho confirmed the sad development.

He bemoaned the fact that the lions were threatening the local people’s livelihoods.

Cllr Mugidho added that people movement has also been restricted as the human-wildlife conflict rears its ugly head once again.

“Stray lions have been spotted around Chibuwe, and this is posing danger to both people and their livestock. The problem heightened after the area was incorporated into the Campfire ambit,” he said.

Cllr Mugidho urged villagers to be vigilant at all times and avoid night movements.

“We have notified Zimparks, the police and Chipinge Rural District Council about our situation. We are worried of losing more livestock if the situation is not addressed,” said Cllr Mugidho.

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