Journalist assaulted in a shebeen, he was not abuducted

Lance Guma, of Nehanda Radio, was exposed this morning after peddling falsehoods to the effect that Daily News journalist, Nyasha Ndoro, was assaulted and abducted by ‘unknown assailants,’ yesterday evening.

Posting on his Twitter handle, Mr Guma said that Nyasha Ndoro had been assaulted by unknown assailants who wanted to know the source of a ZESA story that had been covered by the online news outlet.

This morning Herald reporter Blessings Chidhakwa posted a picture of himself,on his Twitter handle under the caption, ‘Chilled on a weekend with my colleagues we are very sound and safe… drinking hedu paWarren Park ‘, together with Mr Ndoro and other counterparts from the media fraternity, Messrs Leopold Munhende New Zimbabwe Reporter, Mlondolosi Ndlovu Voice of America and Beaven Dhliwayo of the Daily News.

Far left Leopold Munhende New Zim reporter, next Mlondolosi Ndlovu Voice of America, Beaven Dhliwayo Daily News, Nyasha Ndoro and far right Blessings Chidakwa

Sources say the reporter wasn’t abducted and assaulted as suggested in the tweet. In fact he was attending a party somewhere in Mbare with his friends, they entered a shebeen and provoked people that is when a fight broke out. Currently bars and parties are banned under existing lockdown regulations.

For the umpteenth time, there has been an attempt to tarnish the image of the county whenever there is an International Summit coming up. President Mnangagwa is billed to attend the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26 in London, in a historic occasion that signals the thawing of relations between Harare and London.

No Government leader has attended official international events in London since 1999, after the historic Land redistribution exercise. Ahead of global summits like Unite Nations General Assembly (UNGA), there has been spirited attempts to cast the country as a pariah state.

Recently, the country got a USD1BN windfall through International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Special Drawing Rights (SDR), and this was met by disapproval and consternation by opposition members and journalists cum activists, some of whom have openly called for the extension of illegal sanctions imposed on the country.

Notwithstanding these shenanigans, President Mnangagwa is championing the development agenda of the country, he is on record saying that the country will thrive out of its own resources.

Source: ZimReport

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