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After fake PhD allegations, General Chiwenga says no bad blood between him and Moyo

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THERE is no bad blood between the Commander of the National Defence Forces and higher education minister, Jonathan Moyo, General Constantino Chiwenga has claimed.

In an interview, Chiwenga said everybody in the country has a right to say whatever they want and should do so freely as this is enshrined in the Constitution.

The general’s comments came after he was extensively quoted in the State media warning Moyo over his ‘negative social media comments’ on government’s command agriculture programme.

The programme is under the leadership of vice president Emerson Mnangagwa who is said to be the leader of Team Lacoste, a faction fighting to succeed the aging President Robert Mugabe. Chiwenga is said to belong to the Lacoste faction.

Moyo, on the other hand, is linked to the Generation 40 (G40) faction which is thought to have the support of the First Lady, Grace Mugabe.

General Chiwenga, in his comments recently, said Moyo could be the man behind the faceless Facebook political blogger character Baba Jukwa who used to write long articles allegedly revealing the ruling elite’s scandals.

“This guy is vomiting that nonsense; he has some forces behind, and did we not read in his books that he wanted to destroy (Zanu PF) from within?” Chiwenga said then.

“He rebelled before. Not once; he rebelled when we were in the liberation struggle, he ran away.”

Chiwenga added, “And we now know that the tweeting is from Baba Jukwa and company, but I think he has got to where we wanted him to.”

In response, Moyo was quoted suggesting that Chiwenga’s PhD degree was fake as the thesis was written for him by someone whom Moyo didn’t mention.

Moyo, who was speaking to an independent Sunday paper, added that the general was actually “a politician in an army uniform” and was angry with him (Moyo) because he (Moyo) had refused to endorse and support Mnangagwa’s bid for the presidency.

But in an interview at the National Heroes Acre Saturday, Chiwenga said there was no bad blood between the two and he did not hate Moyo, adding both had the freedom of expression.

“That’s not true (bad blood), that’s not it,” said Chiwenga.

“Everybody in the country has got freedom of expression and this is a right which is in the Constitution.”

Chiwenga added, “He (Moyo) has the freedom to say whatever he wants, anywhere and I also have the right to say whatever I want. But after that, we remain one.”

Asked to comment on what he meant when he said was “now where they wanted him to be”, Chiwenga just laughed and walked away. – Newzim