Charamba Reveals Why Mnangagwa Turned Down Chamisa’s Request

Charamba George

In an interview with State media, Presidential spokesperson George Charamba revealed why President Mnangagwa refused a request by MDC Alliance Nelson Chamisa for a courtesy visit.

Charamba said Mnangagwa turned down Chamisa’s request because he did not want to take sides in the MDC-T leadership wrangle which is before the courts. Said Charamba:

Really, the logic was very simple for the President. He said, ‘sort out your leadership wrangles’ so that he is not turned into an extra string on the bow of anyone of the contestants. He wants to deal with someone who is bona fide.

As it emerges, that matter has not resolved itself because we have a case before the courts and if a sitting Head of State entertains anyone of the claimants to the leadership when the courts are still to pronounce themselves on the matter, the effect of it all is to influence court outcomes, which we do not want. He does not want to get entangled with their leadership wrangles in MDC-T.

The President is not a member of MDC-T. If there has been delay, it is not because of the President, it is because of the unresolved nature of the leadership question in their party. So, let us not jump the gun.

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