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Chamisa torches another debate about succession in MDC-T

MDC-T vice president and Kuwadzana MP Nelson Chamisa
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Acting Movement for Democratic Change leader Nelson Chamisa whose appointment is being challenged by his colleagues Thokozani Khupe and Elias Mudzuri has torched another debate about succession through a tweet he posted today.

“In the few days ahead, the constitution shall govern & the People shall decide! We’ve little time before the crucial elections. We’re a leadership of the collective. We’re an 18 yr organization with rules & procedures which shall be followed. The people’s party will emerge stronger!” Chamisa tweeted this morning prompting one follower, going by the name Sekuru Gudo, to ask: “Ko kuzonyora na3am mangwanani akadaro nhai nhai? Kasi hope dzatiza here muchifunga kuti chigaro chamambo chinoyera mochigara seiko? Imi musadaroba! Inga zvikutonga izvi zvakaoma shuwa.”

An obvious Chamisa supporter tweeted back: “Sekuru there are no restrictions on the times to post, SB Moyo akaverenga news dzake nguvai paZbc when the army took over the country???..”

The tweet did not state how the constitution shall govern in the next few days as party leader Morgan Tsvangirai is still in a Johannesburg hospital where another drama is unfolding as family members squabble over who should be at his bedside.

Tsvangirai’s children with the late Susan, his brothers, his current wife Elizabeth, and MDC-T vice-president Elias Mudzuri are all in South Africa.

Mudzuri is reported to have visited Tsvangirai twice and claims he is still the acting president of the party.

Khupe says she is the rightful acting president because she is the only elected vice-president. Mudzuri and Chamisa were appointed by Tsvangirai.

One, nigel forsyth, warned the warring leaders: “An empire that is defeated by its enemies can rise again but an empire that crumbles from within shall never be seen again.”

Brighton Kunaka-HOVE said: “The idea of 18 Vice Presidents was not noble” but Jackson disagreed: “Actually it may have helped. It has given us the opportunity to see more of the MDC top brass at war and in the process get to know them more and see who is the real fighter and who’s just a party pooper.”

Simbarashe Nyika asked Chamisa: “If you couldn’t follow the party constitution all along, so now you have realised you have it and want to follow it now? Preaching democracy you can’t follow in your party, then can we really trust you to follow the country’s constitution if by chance you win the election?”

Lovejoy Manduku asked: “Can you highlight were the parties constitution was not followed?”

Simbarashe Nyika replied: “If Khupe was elected under a democratic process of congress, why is she being sidelined for those appointed outside congress?”

Lovejoy Manduku came back: “Remember the MDC changed their constitution to create one centre of power, spearheaded by Mwonzora so that MT would support him to defeat Chamisa for SG. MT did not trust Chamisa then thinking he is too ambitious. Now tables have changed creators of 1 centre of power are crying.”

Ndakuchinja Mutemo, stood firmly behind Chamisa: “Chinhu ndechako usatye, tinomira newe.”

The New Generation was also behind Chamisa: “You bn in the trenches with Save 4 ages. U have proved beyond all doubt your leadership capabilities & strength to sail through storms as you did a lot of firefighting with Save. It is an open secret u r his(& the masses) most trusted lieutenant coz of what he saw in, on & with u.”

Simplisio Muvunde warned Chamisa: “Anyone who looses party Presidential elections in Zimbabwe looses his political areer unga ruze hu SG amd bounce back but pagukuru haumuke handidi kunyepa”.

But Isaiah Fanisa was emphatic: “Nelson you are the reason why i registered to vote. Without u in charge, i will tear my voter registration slip.” – Insider