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Brothers dig up son’s grave to recover US$300

Odzi residents grappling to come to terms with the digging of Gogo Cecilia Makaza’s grave at Odzi Cemetery on Tuesday night. Vandals are wreaking havoc at the cemetery, digging graves and vandalising tombstones. - Picture: Tendai Gukutikwa
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There was drama in Rushinga when two brothers allegedly dug up a grave to recover US$300 they believed was buried together with their son.

The brothers Ranganai Magara (47) and Owen Magara (45) are assisting police with investigations.

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Inspector Miltin Mundembe said the two are facing charges of tampering with a grave.

Allegations are that on September 23, last year, the brothers buried Ranganai’s 19-year-old son who reportedly committed suicide.

Towards year end, the son’s spirit is reported to have possessed Owen revealing that he was buried with US$300 in his possession.

This motivated the two brothers to seek permission to exhume the grave, an act abruptly denied by their headman Trust Kaimba (38) of Mukuyu Village citing that he had no authority to allow the process.

In a quest to recover the ‘hidden treasure’, the two brothers mobilised some of their relatives and went on to exhume the grave without authority.

However, their spirited efforts went in vain as they failed to recover the money.

Herdman Kaimba received a tip-off about their illegal act and dragged them to the traditional court where they were fined eight beasts.

On February 1, the herdman’s messenger attached three beasts from the brothers’ herd which they forcibly took back.

This prompted a report at Rushinga Police station leading to their arrest.

Source – Byo24