Zuma refutes allegations of forming a new political party

Former South African President Jacob Zuma

JOHANNESBURG, (Xinhua) — South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma has dismissed allegations that he plans to form or join a new political party.

Speaking at his welcome home prayer organized by religious leaders in his hometown, eNkandla on Thursday, Zuma said, he “was not part of the new political party”.

On the state capture commission hearings, the former president told his supporters that he has a problem with the inquiry.

“There is a commission coming that will discuss state capture. And there are people that are opposing the movement. I have a problem with that as an individual,” Zuma told his supporters.

A pro-Zuma group said on Wednesday that they were considering a new political party with Zuma as the leader to take on the ANC votes. According to local media, the group, Mazibuyele Emasisweni, said they were in consultation with other members nationally to ensure that the party became a reality.

Meanwhile, the religious leaders in KwaZulu Natal have promised to come out in their thousands to support Zuma during his second court appearance in the High Court in Durban on Friday next week.

Edward Zuma, the former president’s son, also refuted the allegations that his father was planning to form a political party or support any new political party.

“The former president remains a committed member of the ANC. He will be campaigning for the ANC for the 2019 general elections and for the local government elections thereafter,” Edward Zuma said.

He says Jacob Zuma has taken offence to the reports. “People are still continuing in their pursuit to tarnish the name and the image of the former president.”

Jacob Zuma served as the country’s president between 2009 and 2018. He resigned on February 14 after a recall by his party.