Tourists in Kenya ‘renting our wives and daughters’ to make ends meet

Johannesburg – Economic privation is leading some desperate Kenyans to “rent out their wives and daughters” to foreign tourists in an endeavour to make ends meet.

Men who are in the habit of renting out their wives claim that it is unwise to make other women rich while their own wives are starving at home, Pindula News reported on Tuesday.

One of the husbands or “pimps” described how he had rented out his wife to a German tourist after the latter had requested a lady to “keep him happy” while holidaying in the East Africa country.

After making a pitch to the prospective client the husband, known as Kaumau, then made a proposal to his wife.

On another occasion, the woman was away for two weeks as she kept an Australian man company in a profession which is earning her approximately $400 (about R5 900) monthly.

An official who heads child rights organisation Trace Kenya, said 13 000 minors engage in sex tourism in the coastal counties annually.

African News Agency/ANA