Malema demands South African land reform

Durban – As the country celebrates Heritage Day, the EFF said on Friday that there was no heritage without the land. The party said that it would like to reiterate the call for land expropriation without compensation.

The EFF said that the significance of the day has to be through embracing and celebrating culture and traditions, but without the land, it was meaningless.

The party said the heritage that should be “jealously” protected and passed down to future generations was the African languages.

It said that people must exercise their right to vote and choose the EFF for the upcoming local government elections for the return of their true heritage, the land.

“The majority of South Africans remain landless, jobless and are excluded from the mainstream economy, and no amount of traditional attire or the braaing of cattle that pastures on our land can downplay that fact.

“Our land is our heritage and our dignity, and South Africans’ diverse culture can only be bound when all South Africans have land. There is also no cultural wealth without our land. Our heritage is our land, and there is no unity until justice that restores the land and our natural resources to benefit all South Africans,” the EFF said in its Heritage Day message.

“The heritage which all indigenous Africans should jealously protect is our African languages. Africans ought to never be ashamed of their languages and must continue to teach their children African languages. Our culture, our tradition and heritage will be safe-guarded if we continue to protect and promote our language,” it said.

The EFF, which lives and breathes the ideology of radical economic transformation in South Africa, said that people must use Heritage Day to wake up to the painful and unjust reality that they are servants and tenants in their own country. – IOL