National Data Centre to improve efficiency in govt ministries

The National Data Centre which was commissioned by President Emmerson Mnangagwa this Wednesday will usher in a new era in the way government departments conduct business by increasing efficiency.

Government ministries and departments deal with documents that require safety for future purposes.
While in the past some of the documents could not be located, with others having to be transported to required destinations, it became a challenge in getting access to relevant data.

In a presentation, at the commissioning ceremony the Permanent Secretary for e-Government in the office of the President and Cabinet, Brigadier General Charles Wekwete described the National Data Centre as a One Stop Shop for storing all information.

“It is all about allowing cloud computing to provide the virtual services to all ministries and departments rather than each having premise physical areas.”

The Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda spoke on the importance of the national data centre.

“It is about efficiency once the approach is taken then we will reduce costs in government.”

Chairman of the Public Service Commission Dr Vincent Hungwe highlighted that the National Data Centre will facilitate faster exchange of information.

“What we all yearn for is just to facilitate faster delivery of data and with this type we are on course for efficiency.”

The Minister of ICT Postal and Courier Services, Dr Jenfan Muswere said the national data centre will also support government’s aspirations in the National Development Strategy One leading up to Vision2030.

“We are optimistic that with what we have seen then we can go further in terms of ensuring transparency and accountability.”

The national data centre is set to anchor e-government systems for the attainment of national development strategies. – ZBC