Chinese telecoms firm ZTE considering setting up fibre business base in Harare

Chinese telecoms giant ZTE says it intends to expand its footprint in Zimbabwe’s information technology and communication (ICT) sector with plans to invest in 4G and 5G technology.

ZTE chief operating officer Huang Dabin told journalists today that the company was considering setting up base in Harare for its fibre business.

“We see many opportunities here and we understand that there may be challenges now but we think they are short-term issues…We believe with the effort of both sides we can find solutions going forward,” said Dabin.

“There are new opportunities in high power optical fibre and we think that the ICT industry has new opportunities in 4G and 5G technology. So in all these areas we think that it is a billion of dollars worth of opportunity.

ZTE is already working with state owned fixed line operator,Telone, to expand the country’s backbone fibre network.

The company is also a key supplier to mobile network operators Telecel and Econet. –The Source

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