Fashion designer creates ‘dog wear’

Saneliso Mpofu

BULAWAYO fashion designer Saneliso Mpofu yesterday said she had ventured into winter wear for dogs and produced army hats for the canines, after her exposure to the South African fashion scene forced her to think outside the box.


Mpofu, who runs Sanah Designs, told NewsDay that her stay in Cape Town was an eye opener which inspired her to come up with the extraordinary designs.

During her fruitful stint in the neighbouring country, Mpofu produced the army hats for dogs attending a Just Nuisance Memorial.

“During my stay in Cape Town, I learnt that the sky is not the limit. I acquired new practical skills to use in leading my company. I learnt that this must not limit my creativity and we should be proud of our culture in terms of dress code. I saw that success belongs to any hard working persons whether you are white or black,” she said.

The designer said the fashion shows which she attended in South Africa provided her tips on how to break even in the fashion industry.

“The fashion shows and workshops were really amazing. I met fashion mentors who provided tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur, how to raise capital, how to identify potential partners, personal and professional bonding,” she said, adding that she was able to establish lifelong connections.

She said it was important for young entrepreneurs in Africa to “cultivate thinking outside the box and be creative” if they were to make it on the global stage.

Mpofu, who has mentored some top local designers including Loveness Hute, who is popular for her “outrageous designs”, said she had been getting requests from young people who needed training and would soon announce an opportunity for fashion designing interns.

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