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‘Prophet’ goes insane after 3-day prayer on mountain

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A self-styled Bindura Johanne Masowe WeChishanu prophet and leader Madzibaba Rakeni Gumbira of Chiwaridzo has gone insane after leading 7 congregants in a three-day prayer session on top of the sacred Jeta mountain.

The matter came to light at Chief Masembura’s traditional court on Wednesday where Rekani was fined a bovine and two goats from his followers for him to be mentally stable.

Madzibaba Rakeni’s insanity was clear for all to see when he appeared at Chief Masembura’s traditional court.

During the trial Tafadzwa Gura who is a younger brother to Madzibaba Gura said his brother’s wife also began hallucinating the moment he arrived at his home and was still behaving oddly at the chief’s kraal.

The man of cloth started hallucinating and continuously slamming himself against the ground during the appearance while his wife appeared to be in a trance.

His accomplices told the court that they ascended the mountain on Tuesday last week where they held prayer sessions until Thursday.

They said their leader started showing signs of madness on Thursday as they descended the mountain.

In another shocking revelation, one of his followers, Madzibaba Wishmore Chivende narrated that during the course of their prayers they came across baboons and cattle on top of the mountain.

He stated that in one of the incidences that left them shocked, one of the cows they saw on top of the mountain managed to come to a fire place where they were seated and ate the ash before leaving without causing any incident.

“I also want two goats from each of you for accompanying him and trespassing into our sacred place without permission from its custodians,” Chief Masembura said to the other five members of the sect who accompanied Rakeni to the sacred mountain.

The sacred mountain is located in Nyakudya village in Masembura communal lands

Source – Byo24