Usually this is a sign of boredom. If each time you’re asked about your partner and you respond by rolling your eyes then your relationship might have reached the end stage.

The excitement is dead

Regardless of how long you’ve been together, your partner should make you feel warm and fuzzy all the time. Being at a point where you don’t enjoy spending time together may result in one of you cheating.

No intimacy

If you’re both not on your phones when you jump into bed you fall asleep without any cuddles or intimacy. A healthy relationship should involve any form of intimacy to maintain the spark and connection.

You don’t find their quirky habit funny

What used to crack you up before now irritates you. Love has a way of making the ‘unusual’ seem nice or acceptable. However now that the love is gone, you see that behaviour for what it is, which is annoying.

You feel the void

Remember the times when you used to talk for hours on end about anything and everything? Now all you manage to utter is a greeting and nothing else. The aura between you feels unusual and you sure know that’s not how things used to be in the beginning.

There’s no attraction

When you first met,  you couldn’t keep your hands from each other and that was great while it lasted. Currently you use all the possible excuses not to touch one another such as not enjoying PDA or foreplay.