Mvuma dentist in sex scandal

MVUMA – Mvuma District Hospital dentist Last Maseka is embroiled in a sex scandal after a resident accused him of dating his wife who is the former’s patient.

Pembe Chawara accused Maseka of dating his wife Lucia Billiard who he claimed the dentist first knew after she had gone to the hospital for tooth extraction.

Maseka denied the allegations when contacted by The Mirror and said he never had an affair with Billiard. He however, said the two talked to each other but it was just for a few days.

Pembe said he saw the dentist dropping his wife at home from his silver BMW on several occasions. He also said there were steamy messages to prove the adulterous affair.

Billiard however, told The Mirror that she was having an affair with the dentist. She justified her adulterous relationship and said her husband Chawara was irresponsible and was denying her sex because he had many affairs.

She alleged that her husband did not bring his salary and was no longer eating at home.

“That guy is crazy; there must be something he is looking for. I only communicated with his wife for a few days ago following all his accusations. He ordered me to appeal to his wife to withdraw assault charges from the Police and now he is hunting for journalists to tarnish my name. I never dated his wife you can even call his wife and she will tell you the same,” said Maseka.

“I was stressed and tired of the relationship with my husband and when I dated Maseka he had long gone and we were no longer staying together. I decided to fall in love with Maseka after realising that my relationship with him had failed. I fell in love with Maseka two months ago,” she said.

Allegations are that Billiard went to have her tooth extracted at the hospital in September and she exchanged phone numbers with Maseka and the two then fell in love.

Chawara who works at a hardware shop in Mvuma said he first discovered that his wife had an affair with the dentist when he saw her being dropped off at their house at around 9pm. He said he did not ask her about it on the very day. He said Maseka would visit Billiard during official working hours when he will be at work and took her to different places in Mvuma.

Chawara said one day he got so angry when he saw his wife being dropped off again and he assaulted her. He said she dropped her mobile phone by mistake as she ran away and he discovered love messages between the two.
Chawara said he confronted Maseka and he admitted that he had an affair with his wife but denied that he had sexual intercourse with her.

The following are some of the messages;

‘You are overreacting bambo, I never slept with her, takatanga kutaudzana a few days ago akandiudza kuti akasiyana nemurume (I only met her a few days ago and she told me that she divorced), I am sorry will see you tomorrow…,” read part of the messages by Maseka to Chiwara.

Chawara said they had since separated with his wife and it was her decision to separate.
Allegations are that Maseka had several cases of dating married women. – Masvingo Mirror