Man blames evil spirits for being violent to his wife

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A MUTARE man claims that evil spirits drove him to attack his wife with a knife.

Peace Sakarombe made the claims in his defence when he appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, on Tuesday.

Sakarombe had been dragged to court by his wife, Jessica Chimoyo, as she applied for a protection order against him.

Chimoyo said she now fears for her life as her husband has turned into a violent person.

Sakarombe did not dispute this, telling the court that evil spirits are tormenting him and his brother.

He said the two of them ‘disrespects’ their wives.

He said the spirits have been creating crazy imaginations in his mind, making him believe that Chimoyo is cheating on him.

“Just last week, I travelled to Harare and when my wife called me to ask if I had arrived safely or not, I quickly became suspicious of her. I started imagining her with other men. In fact, in my mind I saw her disembarking from a black vehicle that was parked at our gate. When I returned, I assaulted her and attempted to stab her. She blocked the knife with her palm and was injured in the process. I need help as I also do not understand what is happening to me,” he said.

He further stated that he was incensed by the fact that Chimoyo has been denying him his conjugal rights.

Chimoyo responded: “When he finally calmed down, he begged me for forgiveness. I love my family and my husband, but I do not understand where these recent violent acts are emanating from. It is like he will be under the influence of drugs.

“In our 10 years of marriage, these major fall-outs are only starting now. I want to understand what is happening. I want the court to help me since you are strangers to my family. Our family members might be biased if we ask them to deal with this matter,” she said.

Sakarombe said he is consulting spiritual healers to find a solution to his sudden bursts of anger.

“I consulted a prophet in Sakubva after I tried to stab my wife and he referred me to another prophet. He said I need stronger prayers to be delivered from this curse.

“I will also engage traditional healers over the issue. The curse is disturbing my relationship with my wife and family. It is also affecting my brother,” he said.

Mr Chipato granted a protection order in Chimoyo’s favour.

The order bars Sakarombe from assaulting, insulting, threatening, harassing and disturbing Chimoyo.

The order will be valid for five years.

Domestic violence in Zimbabwe

About one in three women aged 15 to 49 in the country have experienced physical violence since the age of 15.

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