’Divorce my foot — You will marry my sister’

File photo dated 23/04/07 of wedding rings. Ministry of Justice officials have said that tests of a new online divorce application service have gone well.

A Mutare man whose former brother-in-law is demanding that he settles his ex-wife’s outstanding lobola has approached the courts for intervention.

Winfred Makate said he parted ways with Howell Shonga’s sister long back, but the latter still expects him to pay up.

The matter was heard at Mutare Civil Court where Makate was applying for a protection order against Shonga, whom he accused of assaulting him and his family in an effort to get the lobola.

However, Shonga was in default when the matter was heard by Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato.

Makate said he is living in fear of being kidnapped, highlighting that at one time, Shonga came to his house with hired goons.

“Last time, he came to my house with the intention of assaulting my family, including my parents. Luckily, I was not around. He had a commuter omnibus fully loaded with people who were baying for our family’s blood. My parents had to run for dear life and they locked themselves up inside the house. The hired goons broke some windowpanes to instill fear in my parents.

“They told my parents to tell me that he will assault me each time we meet. I am living in fear for my life because if he had the guts to hire about 20 people to come and cause mayhem at my house, he will surely harm me if we ever meet,” he said.

Makate told the court that he was married to Shonga’s sister for a few months before they parted ways.

He said he gave her a divorce token and took her back to her parents’ home.

“When Shonga heard that I had divorced his sister, he brought her back to my place and told me that I would only divorce her after settling the lobola arrears, of which I do not have any arrears. I no longer want her, why should I pay money or cattle for her? The matter was even dealt with by our village head who referred us to our go-between.

“When we sent the go-between to the Shonga family, they assaulted him,” said Makate.Mr Chipato granted the protection order in Makate’s favour.

The order will be valid for a year and it bars Shonga from visiting Makate’s residence with the intention of breaching his peace, assaulting, insulting, harassing and threatening his life. – Manica Post

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